mecprof MAE Automatic Ladder production machine

Automatic Ladder production machine

This machine executes all the operations for producing parallel ladders. It can produce simple, double, or triple ladders.

Drilling, rung insertion, expansion and riveting in different tools. This machine is built with an automatic rung feeder and profile cutting as optional as well.

The MAE machine combines the advantages of quality, speed, and process repetition frequency in one single product.






Ladders Machines


  • Automatic width adjustment
  • High quality production
  • Flexibility
  • Possibility to repeat the process
  • Guaranteed increase of production
  • Ergonimic Equipment
  • Safety
  • Possibility to use more than one profile measure


  • Integrated solutions for ladder production
  • Hole punching for rung insertion
  • Automatic fedding
  • Interior rung expansion
  • Orbital rung riveting
  • Top driving (Optional tool)

Technical Data

  • Profile section
  • Profile size
  • According to client design
  • To 6000 mm