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Manufacture of machinery and equipment for the metallurgical industry

Good ideas do not fly high without a reliable concretization and it is effortless to have a prime execution if the solution is not the best.
In Mecprof we know that project and construction can not be dissociated.We are a young and dinamic company,strongly vocationed for the problem resolution and specialized and special industrial problems. 
Funded with comercial character, focused on the client proximity.Founded in technical support with 45 years of experience.In Mecprof we believe in the continuos improvement of your product, reason why we renew ourserlves everyday to increase the standard of our services.,The high technology of our equipments,most of them electronically controlled,allows us to work with the most demandign markets and spread to the 4 corners of the world our products wtih a high quality level, technical assistance and other services. Our mission is to engineer and develop projects,bulid,market,install and provide maintenance services to the machines and their components,offering the best and more innovative solutions to our clients and partners in all the markets that we are present.We have as vision be known internationallly by our excellency and innovation of our products, throguht the capacity and flexibility in design ,manufacture,install and manage integrated solutions that create more value to our clients and  employees, maintaining the high social standards.


Strategic Planning


Design & Development


Construction & Monitoring


Technical Execution

Projeto 2020