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Keep up with all the MECPROF news.

50 Years Celebration of Tavares&Irmão


Its a huge pleasure to announce the ending of another year next to our loyal partner Tavares&Irmão!
The MecProf team wishes you a happy birthday and let another 50 come!

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Fiber Laser (New Technology)


OUR LATEST NEWS! New Technology! Check our new equipment for laser engravings in metal. An equipment that can be adapted to all our production line machinery. From QR Codes, Bar Codes, Production Dates, etc.
Want to ask for a sample? Send us a message!

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Launching - LMT Machine


Mecprof installed sucessfully our latest project, the LMT machine!

We are innovating in Portugal and Europe developing a line to produce/assemble a complete rear of a stepladder.

Makes all the operations in the left and right leg of a stepladder,including the feet crimping and the assembly, the tube insertion and the riveting, with automatic feeding and automatic extraction.

High volume productions are possible in this fully automatic machine production line!

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Launching - MAE Machine


What better way to start the year than with a sucessful instalation of our latest machine for producing parallel ladders.

MAE machine allows you to produce parallel ladders in a completely automatic form,includes the punching,rung insertion,interior expansion and orbital riveting operations.

Besides that we went further and included on the machine the automatic width adjustment of the ladder with a simple click in the HMI touch console. Our solutions are known by their quality and hing efficiency, always seeking perfection.


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